Basics in Reading and Writing 1 (책 + 오디오 CD 1장)
  • 저자조승국
  • 그림
  • 출판사씨듀넷(SEEDUNET)
  • 출간일2011년 06월 20일
  • 대상연령초등5~6
  • 크기 / 페이지 / 103쪽
  • ISBN9788996135166
  • 가격12,000원

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- 테마별도서 : 외국어
[표지글]This series that is composed of four volumes of text is designed to lead the student to develop his writing skills. First of all, the student will learn a variety of English expressions through reading, getting used to practical use of the language. In order to lead the stu-dent to develop his writing skills, The method, From Dialogue to Essay, will be utilized. A dialogue is provided and the student is led to turn the dialogue,a piece of the spoken language, into an essay, the written form.
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