ORT2단계Wrens ◈ The Headache ◈

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◈ The Headache ◈ - Wrens Storybooks

☞ 활용예문

Let's look at the words in the title.
The Headache.
Where is the dad?
Dad is in the garret.
What has the dad found?
That's right. Trumpet.
Dad found his old trumpet.
Do you have a garret in your house?
No, I live in an apartment.

Dad had a trumpet.
Dad couldn't play very well.
Can you playing the trumpet?
No, I cann't do it.

What is Biff doing?
He went on playing the drum.

Biff had a recorder.
She went on playing the recorder.
Then they went on the musical instruments.
What happen next?
Let's turn to the next page.

Kipper ran to got the guitar.
Kipper had a guitar.
They went on playing louder.
Who come next?
Mum. Really?
Why do you think mum?
I see mum's foot behind the wall.

Mum had a headache.
"It's noisy. Be quiet." said mum.

☞ Activity
① Craft ⇒ 기타 만들기
티슈박스와 고무줄만으로 간단하게 만들어 보세요. 색종이나 크레용으로 주변을 예쁘게 꾸며주면 나만의 멋진 기타가 완성된답니다.
What do you want to making?
Let's make a guitar.
This is an easy way to make a guitar.
First, We need a tissue box, or a cardboard box.
Can you cut an oval-shaped hole in the top?
Stretch six rubber bands around the box and over the hole.
Put a stick under the rubber bands on one side.
Tape on a paper-towel tube.
And then decorate the box with color papers or crayons.

② After reading ⇒ 질문을 통해 책 내용과 문형을 익힌다.
What did Dad have? Dad had a trumpet.
What did Chip have? Chip had a drum.
What did Biff have? Biff had a recorder.
What did Kipper have? Kipper had a guitar.

③ 악기에 대해 알아보기
집에 장난감 악기가 있다면 바구니에 담았다가 하나씩 꺼내가며 같이 이름을 말해요.
우리가 흔히 알고 있는 악기들은 영어 이름을 그대로 쓰는 경우가 많아서 아이들이 쉽게 알 수 있답니다. 악기를 다 꺼냈다면 이제 신나게 악기연주를 해봐요. 아이와 함께 즐거운 음악시간입니다.
조금 큰 아이들이라면 오케스트라 연주에 쓰이는 다양한 악기들을 그림과 함께 접해주는 것도 좋을 듯싶네요.
Do you know the names of musical instruments?
Triangle, harmonica, castanets, cymbals, tambourine, cello, oboe, bassoon, guitar,
contrabass, viola, clarinet, piano, saxhorn, tuba, ...
Take drum out of a basket.

④ 통증에 대한 표현
What's the problem? 무슨 일이니?
What's the matter?
Does it hurt anywhere? 어디가 아프니?
My back hurts. 등이 아프다.
My neck hurts. 목이 아프다.
I feel feverish. 열이 나는 듯하다.
I have a high fever. 고열이 있다.
stomachache 위통
toothache 치통
earache 귀앓이
headache 두통
dizzy 현기증

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