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기관용 ORT로 7살 올라가는 예진이와 수업중입니다.


기관용 ORT 가 구성은 참 좋아서 엄마표 진행은 쉬운데

딱 한가지 단점이 체계적인 Teacher's guide 가 없다는 것입니다.

그러다 보니.. 전체 90권을 다 하게 되면

파닉스는 어느정도, 어휘는 얼마나, sight word는 몇개나 얻어갈 수 있는지

체계적으로 잡을 수 없다는 단점이 있지요..


수업을 해나가면서 그때그때 한권에 대한 Lesson Plan을 짜기는 했지만

전체적 90권을 놓고 어느책에 무슨 내용을 집어넣을지 계획을 짜보고 싶은 생각이 들었답니다.


제가 앞으로 기관용 ORT 로 5-6세 아이들을 대상으로

개인교습을 할 생각이어서.. 이런 Lesson Plan 이 없어서는 안될 것 같아서

시작했는데 생각보다 시간이 너무 많이 걸리네요..

꼬박 일주일 작업해서 정리한 것이랍니다..


사실.. 이 작업은 시작하기 전에 했어야 했는데..

예진이 수업자료와 앞으로의 계획을 정리해서 Lesson Plan 을 만들어 보았습니다.


공통적인 목표는 어휘확장문형이해이고

각 단계별로 sound 와 phonics 의 목표는 달리 하였습니다.


보조교재는 4가지를 넣었는데.. 집에 있는 교재를 적절히 활용하시면

될 것 같습니다.


구분sound awarenessphonics보조교재
1단계rhyme 인지알파벳 음가

알파벳보다 먼저배우는 영어동요 (ABC)

롱맨 Children's picture Dictionary (Dic)

롱맨 Young Children's picture Dictionary (Young Dic)

만들면서 배우는 초등영어 (만배초)

2단계onset / rime, syllables 인지Beginning consonant
3단계phonome 인지, sound blendingword family



단계NoLevelTitleConceptSentence어휘보조교재PhonicsSight wordsActivity

11-1Hide and SeekCanCan you see me?
Yes, I can see you
see, us, me, youGrandma's house (Young Dic)"s" soundcan, you, seeWhere is Spot?
21-2Look at me탈것Look at me.mom, bike "b" soundlook, at, me탈것 교구
31-3This is meBody partThis is my ____.hair, tongue, eye, nose, ear, handIs that you, grandma? (Young Dic)"n" soundthis, is, meGo away big green
42-1Reds and Blues색깔Who is in _____?red, blue, muddyShape town (Young Dic)"r" soundWe, are, all, whoColor Book 만들기
색깔 풍선막대
52-2Go away, Floppy현재진행형Go away, Floppy
We are ____ing
skipping, painting, sorry "g" soundgo, away주사위 놀이
62-3My Dad직업Dad put on a big ____trousers, boots, jacket, hat, glovesHey Diddle Diddle (ABC)
23. 옷입히기 (만배초)
"d" soundput, on , bigWho's hat 교구
73-1Big Feetfeet, footprintsCome and look at thismonster, dinosaur, giant, dad "a" soundcome,look, atbig feet 만들기
83-2Kipper’s Diary날씨It's a _____ daywet, windy, sunny, hotWeather (Young Dic)"w" soundit, is, day, was, went날씨 플랩북 만들기
93-3Maya’s Family가족This is Maya's ____her, mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, familyGrandma's family (Young Dic)"f" soundthis, isfamily tree 만들기
104-1Fancy Dress가장무도회_______ was a __________.scarecrow, pirate, angel, chicken "k" soundwas, a, an왕관 만들기
114-2Pushaction verb_______ pushed it.push, pullActions (Young Dic)"p" soundit, nopush/pull 게임
124-3Going up and downplaygroundI am going _____.in,out,up,down28. 보물찾기 (만배초)"d" soundin, out, up, downplayground 교구
135-1The Headache악기_______ had a ________trumpet, drum, recorder, guitarThe toy store (Young Dic)"h" soundhad기타만들기
145-2Big and Little크기비교This is big/little.frog, giraffe, parrot, butterfy, elephant, rhinocerosAdjectives (Young Dic)"b" soundis, big, little, now크기비교
155-3Where is Baby?Rhyming wordI can see _____ on the ____.
Where is the baby?
coat, boat, bear, cat, floor, door, stairsOne,two buckle my shoe (ABC)"c" soundcan, see, where, on미니북만들기
166-1The Pet Shoppet animals____ wanted a _____.snake, goldfish, rat, spiderpeas porridge hot (ABC)"p" soundwantcat and dog 만들기
176-2At the parkpark_____ went on the ______.slide, horse, swing, see-sawIn the park (Young Dic)"g" soundon, wentplayground 워크시트
186-3Breakfastfarm animalsOn Monday, Mom went to hospital.cow, sheep, goat, horse, henThe Petting Zoo (Young Dic)"o" soundsee, forfarm animal 교구
197-1Good old Mom의복Mom put on a _______.pillow, boots, beard, eyebrowsA walk in the forest (Young Dic)"e" soundput, on, she, saidput on 게임
207-2The Mud piemud pie 만들기______ it ______.mud, hand, water, mix, sand, tip, out, pat, flatA hunting we will go (ABC)"x" soundput, in, water, not밀가루 찱흙 만들기
217-3Dogsaction verbLook at this dog. This dog is ________.sleep, swim, fetch, run, jump, eatJack be nimble (ABC)"j" soundthis집만들기(진행형)
228-1The Ice Creamice creamI want a big one.ice cream, van, big, look, outHichory,Dicory Dock (ABC)"v" soundone, run종이접기
238-2What a DINsoundWhat a ______.pot, tin, can, binMary and a little lamb (ABC)"i" soundwhatword family worm 만들기
248-3My dog needs a bonedogMy dog needs ______. I like _____.bone, dish, collar, lead, bed11 좋아하는 음식 (만배초)"l" soundneed, like미니북만들기
259-1See me skipaction verbSee me skip.skipJack and Jill (ABC)"z" soundsee, meRhyming word 찾기
269-2Good DogdogI'm a good doggood, dog, sit, call, stayHumty Dumpty (ABC)"q" soundbut, get, if, callword family wheel
279-3WheelsnumberHere are ______ wheels. There are ______ wheels here.one~tenThe Wheels on the bus (ABC)"u" soundhere, there자동차만들기
2810-1Can you see me? Can you see my ______?teddy bear, dog, frog, tigerTo market to market (ABC)"y" soundmy, seeI can 게임
2910-2Making MuffinsmakingI put in _____.cocoa, chocolate, egg, milk, muffinChocolate Rhyme (ABC)"m" soundput머핀만들기
3010-3Hello Grandma탈것We got on ____, we went on ____,taxi, bus, train, planeDown by station (ABC)"t" soundgot, went, on탈것 워크시트

311-1Go away, CatGo awayGo away, Little cat. A dog is coming.little, dog, big43 Pets (Dic)"at" word familygo, away다음장면 그리기
321-2Look After MeWhat I likeShe went up(on) _____.
I like this.
net, slide, ladder26. 놀이터 게임 (만배초)beginning "w"on, upI like / I don't like
331-3Is This too much?plant flowerIs this too much?much, bigonset / rime 찾기beginning "m"too, muchYes / No 게임
342-1What Dogs LikeDogs likeThey like to ______. Floppy likes to _______.play, walk, sleep, run beginning "l"like, likes동작카드
352-2Go on, MomFun run"Go on, Mom" _____ said.go beginning "n"go, on몸으로 따라하기
362-3What is it?형용사Is it ____? No it is too ____.hat, dress, seat, tunnel, alienonset / rime 찾기ip, opwhat, is, it 
373-1Top DogtopWe like this dog. This dog is ____.dog, little, big, top, best beginning "d"this, dog메달과 트로피 만들기
383-2Presents for DadPresentThis is for you, Dad. It is ____ of _____.flower, chocolate, grapeChocolate rhyme (ABC)beginning "p"for, of선물상자 만들기
393-3Our Classclass member_____ is in our class. He(She) has ______.freckles, hair, earring, pigtail beginning "c"he, she, our미니북 만들기
404-1Making Facesfeelings______ was ______.fierce, sad, good, frightened, hungry7. 감정표현 (만배초)beginning "f"make, wasfeeling faces 게임
414-2Goal상태,감정______ got _____.cold, wet, tired, meserable, angry, goal8. 배가 고파요? (만배초)beginning "g"day, wasstory retelling
424-3The Animal Party동물울음소리Can you ______ like a _____.dog, duck, owl, cow, sheep, dinosaur17 Spring on the farm (Dic)beginning "p"come, likeanimal sound 교구
435-1Who Did That?질문과 대답Who did that? It was _____.angry beginning "w"did, whoAnimal footprint
445-2TransportTransportLong ago, some ____ look like this. Now some ____ look like this.plane, boat, train, truck, car, motorbike, racing car36. How do you go home (만배초)beginning "t"ago, some, now교통수단 그림그리기
455-3The Best Sandcastlemaking sandcastleI put _____, Mine is the best.sandcastle, flag, stone, seaweed18 Summer at the beack (Dic)beginning "s"and, now비교급/최상급 그리기
466-1ShoppingsoppingHe went to the ______. He got ______.sugar, supermarket, shop, market, potato chips, comic book11 Breakfast Time (Dic)beginning "r"went, some마트놀이
476-2What a Messmess_______ made ______.dress, jam, scarf, truck, birthday card beginning "m"make, some다음장면 그리기
486-3Don’t jump on the bed, Fred전치사On Monday, Mom went to hospital.chair, stairs, bed27. 물건찾기 (만배초)Rhymesaid, on전치사 놀이
497-1The Journey여행I am _____.bored, hungry, thirsty, angry beginning "j"I, am미니북 만들기
507-2In a BitIn a bitCome and help. ____ was watching TV. In a bit.come, helponset / rime 찾기"i"come, help말풍선 붙이기
517-3Shopping for a PartyPartyWe need ____ _____.
We have to get ____ _____.
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, nine, ten28.Birthday party (Dic)beginning "k"many, need쇼핑놀이
528-1Poor Floppy질병_____ was _______.home, pill, vet, bed48. At the Vet (Dic)beginning "f"well질병 메모리게임
538-2The Big EggsizeIt's too big for _______.children, hen, egg, boxonset / rime 찾기beginning "b"too, bigsound듣기
548-3Can you Get our ball?Can you?Can you get our ball?ball, tree, roof, ladder41 Sports day (Dic)"b" / "t" get, ouronset / rime 찾기
559-1A Present for MomPresentThis is for you.box, present, partysyllable countingsyllableshad, bavesyllable counting
569-2The Hole in the SandholeThe home got _____ and _____.spade, good, dig, hole beginning "s"stop, dig다음장면 그리기
579-3Hot and Coldhot and coldThis is hot/cold. It make ______ hot/cold.fire, hot, snow, cold, sun, ice, cooker, freezer, lava16 The Weather (Dic)beginning "h"hot, cold온도계
5810-1Put it backsea animalsPut it backcrab, net, wood, shellColorful sea creatures (Dic)"sh"put, back 
5910-2Over and Under전치사I can see you. You are ____ ____.on, under, behind, up, in front, next tosyllable counting"o"over, under보물찾기
6010-3Tortoise! Tortoise!계절Can I come out? No don't come out. It's _____.wet, sunny, windy, cold21 Month and seasons (Dic)beginning "t"come, out, yet계절책 만들기

611-1Naughty Childrenclimb up, jump onThey climb up the _____.furniture, sofa, curtain, bed, tree, flower, ladder, log, netThe living room (Young Dic)short vowel "u"on, off, up 
621-2Creepy-crawlybugsGet it out.bath, easy44 Bugs and little creatures (Dic)crget, out거미 만들기
631-3My weekweekOn Sunday, I cleaned mom's car.Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday22.요일게임 (만배초)
"ay" (ABC)
short vowel "o"about, with 
642-1Monkey Tricks형용사, 동물The seals were hungry.tall, hungry, asleep, noisy, big, *****"all" (ABC)short vowel "i"were동물 수수께끼
652-2Hey, Prestomagic showShe put it in the bag.tie, bag, watch, earring, wandA sunny day (Young Dic)short vowel "a"them, took 
662-3Grandma's Glasseslost & foundThat's my pen.pen, book, teddy, shoe, bone, comic"en" (ABC)short vowel "e"her, saw, came 
673-1A sinking Feelingget onGet on.pool, duck, climbphenome countingeeget, on 
683-2It's the Weather형용사The children were angry.noise, silly, messy, angry, goodphenome countingending "y"day, said 
693-3Football, FootballfootballI play football.football, field, garden, school, park, beach, friend, parent, aunt, uncle7 Our busy town (Dic)ooplay, with, our 
704-1The Little Dragon연극I am the dragon.king, dragon, knight, princess"ight" (ABC)knplay 
714-2The Lost PuppycleverThey couldn't were angry.puppy, lost, upset, clever clhad, by 
724-3The Singing Bird나이팅게일Everyone was happy.
She was too happy.
bird, cage, king, food inglittle, then, very 
735-1New Trees나무심기____ gave a tree.
____ put it by the ____.
park, tree, shed, stream, pond, pridge, bone eegave, put 
745-2Choices특기What do you like to do?
I like to paint pictures.
play, kick, read, paint, make"ake" (ABC)chwhat, likes, play 
755-3New blue shoes있다,없다There were some yello shoes.blue, yellow, pink, red, shoes"ed" (ABC)shnew, too 
766-1The band장소Dad played his trumpet.trumpet, house, garage, shed, band32. Where are you going (반배초)arkplay, in, at 
776-2Up and Downup and downHe went up.up, down"op" (ABC)short vowel "e"went, up, down 
786-3Present for baby요일On Monday, Mom went to hospital.Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday22.Everyday (Dic)word family "ay"him, some, with 
797-1What is it?파충류What is it?frog, lizard, salamander word family "og"what, said 
807-2The Ice RinkskateLoopk at me, jump!jump, spin, skate, sit, down"out" (ABC)word family "ake"jump, out, put 
817-3How to be Healty건강I am healty.
That keeps me healty.
healthy, breakfast, vegetable, fruit, drink, sleep5 Vegetable party (Dic)drhow, be 
828-1The Duck RaceraceLet's have d duck race.duck, race, reed, weed, log, swan, soggy25.의결제시 놀이 (만배초)long agot, off 
838-2SniffpuppySniff liked to run after a ball.roll, jump, run, asleep"at" (ABC)word family "all"after, ran 
848-3Melting SnowsnowmanIt got bigger and bigger.bigger, smaller, snowman20 Winter in the park (Dic)short vowel "i"got, make, our 
859-1The Steel BandbandI want you to clap.clap, sing, hit, tap43 Animal Orchestra (Dic)ingwith, as 
869-2The Mud Bath실수What a mess!football, kick, bath"ell" (ABC)word familly "ick"over, want 
879-3How to Draw yourself자화상Draw your mouth.mirror, pencil, paper, crayon, shape cryourself, across 
8810-1Pond Dippingpond dippingThey pulled out an old parm.junk, pram, stick sthelp, jump 
8910-2Going Somewhere필요한 물건들We are going to the beach.shopping, school, picnic, party, beach, park, holiday"ar" (ABC)word family "ool"  
9010-3A House for Hedgehog동물과 서식지I like your house.hedgehog, rabbit, mole, squirrel, house word family "ouse"much, next 




ABC 보다 먼저 배우는 영어동요 




Longman Children's Picture Dictionary (Book & CD) 




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넘 감사합니다^^*

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비형엄마 2010-01-22 00:22:54
부끄럽습니다.. ^^*
둘사랑맘 2010-01-21 10:05 

가끔 리더스로 ort 보면서

비형엄마처럼 ort 수업하면 정말 알차겠구나 ..생각만 했는데..

요런 귀한 자료 올려주셔서 감사해요~~~

전 진짜 오리지날 비형엄마라 ~~비형엄마님 아이디가 참 친근하네요~~~

비형엄마 2010-01-22 00:23:33
ㅎㅎ 저랑 아들도.. 성질이 오리지널 비형에 가깝답니다. ㅎㅎ
예남매맘 2010-01-21 09:16 

와.. 이렇게 귀한 자료를...

너무 감사합니다.




비형엄마 2010-01-22 00:23:50
도움 되신다면.. 제가 기쁘지요.. ㅎㅎ

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