▦*ORT-stage2 "A New Dog"

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*Oxford Reading Tree*
읽기용 교재임에도 불구하고 아이들이 열광한다(?)는 ORT를 저의 아이들도 좋아
한답니다. 글로만 본다면, 글을 배우기에는 좋은 교재이나 글을 읽어가기엔 그리
재미가 있어보이진 않습니다.
하지만, 그림만 봐도 흥미있고 내용을 알 수가 있기에 아이들이 열광하지 않을까

저는 ORT를 이야기책으로도 이용합니다.
글자가 별로 없기 때문에 생활속의 story를 위주로 하는 그림에서 글로 표현되지
않은 상황설명이나 묘사를 저 나름대로 읽어주는 거죠.
글자없는 책이 토론이나 story를 자유롭게 전개하는데 도움이 되는 걸 보면 읽기
용 교재라도 그 이상의 값어치를 할 수도 있겠다는 생각이 듭니다.

*다음은 Stage2 [A New Dog]에 대한 예문입니다.

It's story time.
Would you like to pick out your favorite story?
Okay, go ahead.

The title is "A New Dog."
Look at the cover page.

What animals can you see here?

Yes, there are many dogs.
fat one
skinny one
big one
little one
spotted one
fierce one
gentle one...

Let's turn to the next page.

Oh, it's Kipper.
What's Kipper doing?
-He's reading a book.

What's the title of the book?

Well done.
Kipper liked books.
Especially, books about dogs.

What kind of book do you like best?
- I like books about witch the most.
(요즘 'winnie the witch' 책을 엄청 읽어줍니다.)

So do I.
Let's look at Kipper.

It seems that Kipper had an idea while reading the book.
"I wish I had a dog." said Kipper.

He really wanted a dog.

The next day his familly talked over some tea.

"I want a shepherd."
"The dog can shepherd you without me." said Mum.
(개의 종을 말해주면 좋아하는 이유를 알 수 있을 것 같아서요.)

"I want a friendly dog."
"The dog can play with us." said Kipper and Chip.
(앞으로 Floppy로 나올 개인데 종이 spaniel같아 보이네요^.^)

"I want a circus dog."
"The dog can jump over the circus ring." said Biff.

"I want a bulldog."
"The dog can chase a thief away." said Dad.

They had a difference of opinion.

Everyone got to the dogs' home.

What do you think the dogs are doing in the cage?
-They are looking out the cage.

They are looking out the cage to see what's going on out there.
They wondered if there's anybody to take them.

Everyone liked looking all the different kinds of dogs.
Can you see Kipper pointing to the dogs?
-Yes, I can.

Kipper was very happy to see the dogs he had been eager for.

What's Kipper doing?
-He's patting this dog.

"I want this big dog the most." said Kipper.

"No,no. Not that one.
"It's SO big that it can scare me." said Dad.

What's Biff doing?
-She's bending down to pat this dog.

"I like this little dog best." said Biff.

"No,no. Not that one.
"It's SO little that I can trip over it." said Mum.

What's Mum doing?
-She's rubbing this dog's chin.

"How about this dog?" said Mum.

"No,no. Not that one.
"It's SO strong that we can be pulled by it."
said Kipper and Chip.

Kipper pointed to this dog.

"Look at this dog."
"It's not too big."
"It's not too little."
"It's not too strong."said Kipper.

"Yes,yes. This one.
"It's just right." said everyone.

Everyone agreed with Kipper.

-Mommy~ I want this dog, too.
You've already had this kind of dog.
-Here, here.( 갑자기 방으로 갑니다. 부시럭 부시럭...)
Floppy. Floppy.

Does it look like Floppy?
-Yeah, they look the same.
Let's pretend this toydog is Floppy.
Oh, sweetie~ that's a good idea.
(얼마전 마트에서 사준 '코커스파니엘'이란 강아지인형이랑 똑같이 생겼어요.
진짜 Floppy같아 보이나봐요. 호호^^... 그래서 그런지 ORT 더 재밌게 보네요.)

*page 16*
This dog wagged his tail for joy.
Everyone were happy to take the dog home.

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