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◈ The Go-kart ◈

This is a go-kart.
Do you have anything that you can ride on vehicle?
Tell me about it.

Dad made a go-kart.

Biff wanted the go-kart.
Chip wanted the go-kart.
Biff and Chip both wanted the go-kart.

Biff wanted a go. Chip wanted a go.
Why did Biff and Chip fight?
Have you ever fought about taking turns?
What's the matter?

Biff pushed.
Chip pulled.
Who was wrong?

They had a fight.
Was it bad?
What happened next?

‘Stop it,’ said Dad.
‘Stop it,’ Said Mum.
Have you ever been in a fight?
What did you fight about?

Dad put the go-kart away.
Why did Dad put the go-kart away?

They made a swing.
Do you like ride on the swing?

Oh no! They gave a fight again.
Who was the first go on the swing? Biff or Chip.
Don't hit your friend.
You should play nicely with your friends.

☞ Activity
① 자동차의 구조와 명칭 알아보기
집에 있는 장난감 자동차나 그림카드를 이용해 차의 각 부분 명칭 배우기
# 자동차 각부분 명칭 #
rear view mirror, steering wheel, side mirror, door, headlight, horn, wiper, wheel, seat, seatbelt, ....

② 탈 것의 종류
car, truck, bus, train, subway, taxi, bicycle, motorcycle, airplane, helicopter, jet, glider, rocket, hot-air balloon, ship, boat, submarine, yacht, ....
여러 가지 탈 수 있는 것에 대해 알아본 다음 아이가 가장 좋아하는 것을 선택하고 동물이나 인형 태워주기 놀이를 해본다.
Which one do you like?
I like a train.
What do you want to ride?
I want to ride a train.
Which one flies in the sky? An airplane.
What goes into space? A rocket.
Can you find a truck? Here it is.

③ Quiz - 하늘, 땅, 바다에서 각각 탈 수 있는 것들을 분류해 본다.
하늘, 땅, 바다 그림에 sky, land, sea라고 쓰고 부직포판에 붙인 다음 여러 가지 탈 것들을 각각의 그림 밑에 분류하여 붙이기.
Let's have a quiz!
What can we use in the sky? An airplane. A helicopter.
What can we use in the sea? A ship. A boat.
What can we use in the land? A car. A bus. A train.

# 탈것에 관한 미니북 만들기와 관련 Activity 자료 활용 #

④ 노래하기 ⇨ ♬ Wheels on the bus ♬
1. The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round
The wheels on the bus go round and round. All through the town. (With arms at sides and elbows bent, move arms forward and back in circular motion)
2. The people on the bus go up and down. (While seated, bounce up and down)
3. The horn on the bus goes "toot, toot, toot" (Press palm of hand in nose three times)
4. The money in the box goes 'ching, ching, ching'. (Pretend to put money in the box)
5. The wiper on the glass goes "Swish, swish, swish", (Elbows bent, hands up, palms forward, hands move left to right)
6. The driver on the bus says, "Move on back!" (throw thumb over shoulder)
"Wee Sing- In the car"중에서...

원본 게시물: http://www.suksuk.co.kr/momboard/read.php?table=CDX_001&number=3460

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