Be verb with Places & Prepositions Verb #4 2008-12-19 10:28
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1. Be Verb + a place (-있다)
A place can be one word: Here are most commonly used places.
here / there      inside/outside       downstairs / upstairs
Asking questions with where + be verb
(1) Where are you? - I am right here.
(2) Where are the students? - They are at the library.
(3) Where’s the dog? - It’s outside.
3. Common Adjectives    Following adjectives are opposite in meaning.
in    on    at    next to      beside    behind    above
under     below     
between    inside    outside    around
A. Use Be verb and complete the sentences with prepositions that describes the     pictures.
in    next to     on    behind    under     between
1. The ball is in the basket.
2. The ball ______________ the book.
3. The balls _____________ the table.
4. The balls _____________ the desk and the book.
5. The ball ______________ the piano.
6. The ball ______________ the chair.
B. More exercises with prepositions *You may use the given preposition more     than once.
in    under     on    at    beside    above
7. The plane is ___________ the mountain.
8. The ships are ___________ the bridge.
9. The dog is sleeping ___________ the rug.
10. My younger sister is _________ bed.
11. A bedroom lamp is ____________ the bed.
12. My dad is ___________ work, My mom is __________home, and I am ____________ school.
13. The students are ____________ the bus.
14. John and Lisa are ___________ the car
15. Where’s Mary? She is ________ the library
16. Mary is studying _________the library.
17. She is writing ________ her notebook.
18. We are __________ Korea. They are __________ America.
19. John is ___________ Seoul. His e-pal Tim is __________ Chicago.
20. Lisa is sitting ________ the desk.

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