Using Be: Short Answers to Yes/No Questions 5 Negative with Be (be + not) Verb #6 2008-12-19 10:30
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1. Ask question with Be Verb ? Am / are / is comes in front of the subject.
*Ask question with rising intonation.
(1) Am I late? - Yes, you are. / No, you aren’t.
(2) Are you from America? - Yes, I am. / No I’m not.
(3) Is Lisa a Korean student? - Yes, she is. / No, she isn’t.
2. After Yes & No answers, a sentence can be introduced.
(1) Am I tall enough for the basketball team? - No, you aren’t. You are a little short for the team.
(2) Are you new here? - Yes, I am. I am a new transferred student here.
(3) Is Lisa absent today? - Yes, she is. She is sick in bed. She has a flu.
3. Asking simple yes and no questions with using “or.”
*Ask question with rising and falling intonation.
(1) Is this your pen or my pen? - It’s not mine, it’s your pen.
(2) Are these your books or mine? - They’re my books. They’re not yours.
A. Minsu and Miao are in Los Angeles. It’s the first day of school. Minsu sits     down next to Miao in the classroom.
Minsu: Hi, are you new here?
Maao: Yes, I am. Minsu: I am too. Where are you from?
Miao: I am from Taiwan. Where are you from?
Minsu: I am from Seoul.
Miao: Seoul, Are you from Korea?
Minsu: Yes, I am.
1. Is Miao a student? Yes, She is.
2. Is Miao from Korea? ______________________________
3. Are Miao and Minsu new students? ___________________________
4. Is Seoul in Korea? ________________________
5. Are Miao and Minsu old friends? __________________________
Now, Minsu and Mao are in the cafeteria. They are having lunch together and getting to know each other.
Minsu: Mao, I am glad we are in the same English class.
Mao: Me too, Minsu. Let’ get together after school. We can do homework together. Is English your         favorite subject?
Minsu: Yes it is. I like Math too. What about you?
Mao: My favorite subject is Science. I want to be a rocket scientist when I grow up. What about         you?
Minsu: I want to be a pilot. My parents want me to be a doctor though.
Mao: What is your hobby?
Minsu: My hobby is playing soccer.
Mao: Great! Playing soccer is my hobby too. My another hobby is playing computer games.
        What about you?
Minsu: That’s my hobby too. My parents are strict. They don’t let me play computer games.
           How are your parents?
Mao: They are strict too, but they let me play computer games 20 minutes a day.
        They think that’s more than enough. I have a younger brother. He is in the fifth grade.
        He plays at least one hour a day.
Minsu: I have younger brother too. He is also in the fifth grade. We have so many things in           common. We are very similar, aren’t we?
Now, let’s answer yes/no questions.
1. Are Minsu and Mao in the classroom? __________________________
2. Are Minsu and Mao in the same Math class? ___________________________
3. Is English Mao’s favorite subject ? ____________________________
4. Is Science Minsu’s favorite subject? ____________________________
5. Is Minsu’s hobby playing computer games? ___________________________
6. Are Mao’s parents strict? _______________________
7. Is Minsu’s younger brother in the fifth grade? _________________________
8. Is Mao’s younger brother in the 6th grade?___________________________
9. Are Minsu and Mao very different? ____________________________
10. Are Minsu and Mao friendly to each other? __________________________
B. Make questions from given answers and answer them in yes / no format.
1. Minsu is from Korea.    Is Minsu from Korea? Yes, he is .
2. Minsu and Mao are new exchange students.
  _____________________________? Yes, ______________
3. Minsu and Mao aren’t ready for the English test.
__________________________________? No, _______________
4. Korea and Taiwan are located in Asia.
_________________________________? Yes, ______________
5. Minsu’s father is an international lawyer.
_________________________________? Yes, ______________
6. Mao’s parents aren’t strict.
_________________________________? No, ________________
7. Mao and Minsu are diligent and hardworking students.
_____________________________________? Yes, __________
8. Their English teacher is very helpful and friendly.
___________________________________? Yes, ____________
9. Minsu is in the soccer team.
___________________________________? Yes, ____________
10. Mao isn’t older than Minsu.
___________________________________? No, _____________

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