Using Be: Asking questions with Who(누가), Where(어디서), What(무엇을), When(언제), How(어떻게) Verb #7 2008-12-19 10:32
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1. Who asks about people.
(1) Who is that girl? - She’s my younger sister.
(2) Who is your favorite singer? - My favorite singer is Usher.
(3) Who are these people? - They are my members from the soccer team.
2. Where asks about places.
(1) Where are you? - I am at John’s place.
(2) Where is your mom? - She’s at the grocery market.
(3) Where is Hwa Sung castle? - It’s in the city of Suwon.
3. What asks about things in general.
(1) What’s in your favorite sport? - It’s soccer.
(2) What’re those things? - They’re my for my science class.
(3) What’s your hobby? - Reading is my hobby.
4. When asks for information about time.
(1) When is your Math class? - It’s right after English class.
(2) When is your midterm? - It’s in mid April.
(3) When is your birthday? - It’s August 30.
5. How has many uses. How is often used with adjectives and adverbs.
(1) How old are you? I am thirteen years old.
(2) How tall is your brother? He is about 175 centimeters tall.
(3) How big is the stadium? It’s huge. It can hold up to 20,000 people.
(4) How much is this pen? It’s 3,000 won.
*How is used in greeting.
(1) How are you doing at school? Okay.
(2) How is it going? Great!
This is one page of Lisa’s organizer. It’s her daily schedule.
Date: Friday, June 20, 2008
7:00 get up & get ready for school & eat breakfast
8:00 on the bus to school
8:45 start class
12:30 lunch (meatball spaghetti)
03:45 end of school
04:00 (2hour-meeting) English news writing club meeting at the school English Department.
head speaker: Mr. Jones, a journalist of Teen magazine. 40 minutes of speech will be given.
Subject of speech: Teen’s academic stress and health.
Two important issues in the month of July: global warming / summer English programs at school.
05:15 on the subway to Tiny’s Cafe
06:40 have dinner at Tiny’s Cafe - Jenny’s 15th Birthday party.
08:15 on the bus to the English academy.
08:30 English class (2 hour class)
10:35 on the academy shuttle bus
10:50 at home - do homework & wash up
12:50 in bed
Let’s look at the Lisa’s schedule and answer the following questions.
1. What date is it today? ___________________________
2. What day of the week is it? ______________________
3. When/What time is Lisa on the bus to school? ____________________
4. When/What time is Lisa’s lunch hour? _____________________
5. What’s for lunch? _______________________
6. Where is Lisa after school? ______________________
7. How long is the meeting? _____________________
8. Who is the head speaker? _____________________
9. What is speech about? _______________________
10. How long is the speech? ______________________
11. What’s Mr. Jones’ occupation? ______________________
12. Where is Mr. Jones from? _______________________
13. What are topics of July issue? _________________________
14. Where is Lisa at 5:15? ________________________
15. Who’s birthday party is it? _____________________
16. How old is Jenny today? ______________________
17. Where’s Lisa at 8:15 ______________________
18. What is her class at the academy? __________________
19. How long is her English class? __________________
20. Where is Jenny at 2 in the morning? _____________________

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