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Choose a topic you are comfortable with. If you topic is too big, you may need to narrow it down. Some topics are too big to write about. You may need several pages to finish it. If it is not a research paper, you should consider writing one to two pages. So, be specific about what are you going to write.
Who is reading your essay? Is it your teacher? Is it your classmates and friends? In other words, you should know your audience.
Plan and organize what you are going to write about. Make an outline for it. Just make a short rough draft.

What is thesis (a main idea)?
Thesis is an important sentence that you want to emphasize on you writing. Thesis sentence is usually the very last sentence of the first paragraph.

Where is it taking place? / Where did the event take place?
When is it? / When was it?
Who is the main character(s)?

(If you want to talk about a particular person or people, you have be very specific about the characters)

Why it is important to you or others? / Why did it happen? / What caused it?
How is it going? / How did it happen? / How it has been processed?

Every essay must have an introduction, two or three supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Here is an example of an outline: Write your ideas down. Don’t worry about mistakes. You can fix those later. Remember this is just a rough draft.
Let say your topic is about Beijing Summer Olympics. Gather all the comments and ideas from people you know. You can get some general information from internet.

I. Introduction: (one paragraph)
Thesis: I hope Korea and other Asian countries win most of the medals. I want Korea make it to the top 10 ranking.

Body (two or three supporting Paragraphs)
First paragraph: How important is this Olympic Games to Korea and China? (why this game is important?)
Second paragraph: How did Korean athletics prepare for this Olympic Games? (What are the chances of getting gold medals?)


Conclusion (one paragraph) - summarize & restate your thesis.
I am proud to be a Korean. Through Olympic Games, I want everyone to know about my country.

All you need is just one simple paragraph.

It is important to make this a clear and limited statement. In other words, don’t try to explain too much or give reasons.

You need to introduce what you are going to write about. Try to get readers’ attention when you introduce your topic. Start with an interesting sentence to grab readers’ attention.

Remember to introduce the main idea (the thesis) and overall concept of the essay.

This section is the body of your writing. You should have at least two
to three paragraphs.
Use all the available information, facts, descriptions, examples to support your topic.
Express your thoughts and opinions as well. However, you have to focus on your topic. Try not to be too biased or judgmental.

This is your final paragraph. Summarize your statement and/or argument.
Restate the introductory thesis with originality
Do not simply copy your thesis.

When you are done with your essay, you should have some time to go over your essay. Look for any mistakes, such as spelling, grammar, and punctuations

Read aloud your writing while you are editing. Make sure every sentence make sense to you

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