Past Time – Using Be(Was & Were) Verb #8 2008-12-19 10:33
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파일을 다운로드 합니다.

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I am.... I wasI was not (wasn’t)Was I....?
You are....You wereYou were not (weren’t)Were you....?
He / She / It is....He /She / It was (was not (wasn’t)Was he/she/it....?
We are....We wereWe were not (weren’t)Were we....?
They are....They wereThey were not (weren’t)Were they....?
1. Look for the keyword for past time expressions: last night, last year, past     month, yesterday, one year ago. (- Ago is always past time expression.)
(1) I am busy with my science project today.
     I was busy with the science project yesterday too. (keyword: today & yesterday)
(2) We are in the library tonight.
     We were in the library last night too.
(3) John is in class right now.
     He was in the library 30 minutes ago.
2. Past of Be: Negative (Wasn’t & Weren’t)
(1) I am in class today, but I wasn’t here yesterday. I was sick.
(2) The teachers are here today, but they weren’t here yesterday morning. They were at      the seminars.
(3) John isn’t busy tonight, but he was busy with the science project last night.
3. Past of Be: Asking Questions (Was…? Were…?)
(1) Was John absent from class yesterday? Yes, he was.
(2) Were you nervous the first day of class? No, I wasn’t.
(3) Were your classmates at your birthday party? Yes, they were.
Part 1. Past form of Be - was / were
This is from Steve's daily.
John and I went to a musical play last night. We___________a little late for the show, but we could watch it. Some of my classmates ____________ there too. I saw my best friend, Tom there. He __________ sitting right front of us with his girlfriend, Sarah. She ___________pretty in pink dress. I knoe Sarah pretty well. She___________ in my math class last year. She is very popular and attractive. Not only that, she is smart too. She ___________ a top homor roll student last year. The auditorium ____________ packed with people. The tickets for the play ___________ expensive at all. Maybe that's way there _______________ too crowded with students. The performers ____________ outstanding. They _________ so entertaing. They sang and danced very well. The stage setting __________ beauful. All the light ___________ very bright and colorful. I really enjoyed the play. It __________________ definitely worth watching!!
Part 2. Let’s answer the questions from the passage.
1. Where were Steve and John yesterday? ______________________
2. Were they on time for the play? ________________________
3. Was the auditorium not crowded? _______________________
4. Who was Tom with? ____________________
5. Where were Tom and Sarah sitting? _________________________
6. What was Sarah wearing? _________________________
7. Was Tom a top honor roll student last year? ___________________
8. Were the tickets for the play expensive? ____________________
9. How was the performers? _________________________
10. How was the stage setting? ________________________
11. How was the state lights? _____________________
12. Was it worth watching? ___________________

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