Learn the Basic Structure of Sentences Verb #1 2008-12-16 16:33
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I am (I’m)I am a student.
You are (You’re)You are a student. (one person)
He, She It is (He’s / She’s / It’s)John is a student.
Lisa is a student.
It is a cat.
You are (You’re)You are student. (two person)
We are (We’re)We are student.
They are (they’re)They are student.
(1) Hi, I am John. What’s (what is) your name? - Hi, I am Lisa. It’s nice to meet you.
(2) What city are you from? - I am from Pusan.
(3) How old are you? - I am 13 years old
(4) What grade are you in? - I am in the 7th grade.
(1) What time is it? - It’s 8 o’ clock.
(2) What day is it? - It’s Friday.
(3) What’s date today? - It’s July 4.
(4) What month is it? - It’s July.
(5) What year is it? - It’s 2008.
(6) What’s the weather like in Seoul today? - It’s sunny.
(7) How’s the weather in Seoul in the winter? - It’s very cold.
(1) I have one elder brother. His name is John and fifteen years old.
(2) He is in the school soccer team.
(3) Ms. Parker is my English teacher. She is very kind and friendly.
(4) Lisa is my best friend. She is in my English class.
(5) She is in the English news writing club.
(6) I have an e-pal. He is an American boy. He is a school baseball player.
A. Fill in the blanks: Use a verb (am, are or is).
1. It _______ a beautiful day! Let’s play soccer outside. Great! Soccer _____ so much fun.
2. What ______ your favorite subject? English _________ my favorite subject.
3. John and I __________ soccer players. We __________ in the school soccer team.
4. John and Lisa ___________ in the 8th grade. They _________ my best friends.
5. I _________ from Los Angeles, California. California ________ usually warm and sunny.
B. Contractions with Be
1. I am a Korean student.
2. We are soccer players at school.
3. You are a great soccer player.
4. We are in the school band.
5. They are my classmates.
6. He is a businessman.
7. She is my younger sister, Annie.
8. It is quarter to 8.
C. Fill in the blanks (Use Be Verb)
Hi, my name __________ Hannah. I __________ from the United States. I used to live in California.
It ______ a beautiful state. It _______ known as a golden state. The weather in California _________ usually warm and sunny. It ________ not that cold in winter, but it _______ hot during summer.

Now, I ________ in Korea. I like living in Korea. Korean people ___________ very sincere and nice. I ________ in the 7th grade. My school ________ nearby my apartment. My school ______ not that big. It _______ quite small.
It has about 350 students, and it_______ only 8 years old. Let me tell you about my parents. My dad ______ a businessman, and my mom ________a homemaker. They both _______ great. They ________ more than parents to me. They ________ also my friends. My dad _______ usually very busy at work. He gets home late. He _______ good at fixing things and computers. He loves soccer. He ________ a big soccer fan. My mom _______ good at cooking and organizing things. She has great ideas when it comes to cooking. She _____ very clean and neat. She always keeps our house very clean. I have one younger sister. She _________ Annie.
She _______ three years younger than me. People say she ______cute and outgoing but I think she _______ too demanding sometimes.

My favorite subject _______ art. I like art a lot because I ________ good at drawing and painting. Drawing landscape ______ my hobby. My other hobbies _________ reading and listening to music. I like reading all kinds of books. I love reading Harry Potter series. J.W Rowling _______ my favorite author. All the Harry potter books _______ very interesting and exciting to read. My favorite singer _________ Usher. He _______ an American singer. His songs _________ very pleasant to listen.

I have two best friends. They __________ John and Lisa. They ________ also my neighbors. John _______ good at soccer, and Lisa _________ good at swimming. We usually study English after school.

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