Be Verb with Noun Verb #2 2008-12-17 17:30
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1. I am a student. *student is a person
2. You are a teacher. *teacher is a person
3. My dad (he) is a doctor. *doctor is a person
1. I am at school. *school is a place
2. We are at the library. *library is a place
3. My dad is at work. *work is a place
1. This is my textbook. *textbook is a thing
2. It is a cat. *cat is an animal
3.They are my shoes. *shoes are things
1.Noun: Singular - means “one” (article, a or an comes in front of the singular nouns)
(1) Soccer is a popular sport.
(2) My dad is an architect.
(3) A bee is an insect.
(an is used in front of word that begin with vowels a,e,i,o, and u.)
2.Noun: Plural - more than one (article, a or an can’t be used)
(1) We are good friends.
(2) Roses and tulips are flowers.
(3) John and Lisa are my classmates.
to make plural form of most nouns, add - s
a bag (one bag) - two bags
a bird (one bird) - two birds
a pencil - two pencils
a car - two cars
3.Noun: Plural with - es
nouns ending with -ch, -sh, -ss, -o, -x , add -es
a match - two matches
a dish - two dishes
a class - two classes
a tomato - two tomatoes
a box - two boxes
4.Noun: Plural with - ies
change y to - ies
a baby - two babies
a city - two cities
a country - two countries
a dictionary - two dictionaries
if in front of y has vowel, a,e,i,o,u, then, just add - s
a day - two days
a key - two keys
a boy - two boys
a monkey - two monkeys
A. Complete the sentences with a or an. Put X if no article is needed.
1. English is _____ important language. It’s _____international language. It’s my _____ second language. Since I know how to speak Korean and English, I am _____ bilingual.
2. Korea is ______ beautiful peninsula country. It is known as the land with morning calm. It’s ______ small country in Asia but has fastest broadband connectivity in the world. I am proud to be _______ Korean. Nowadays, Korea is ______ popular place for tourists.
3. I have two uncles. My uncle Ron is ______engineer. The other uncle is _____ computer programmer. They both are ____
4. Ms. Parker is ______ English teacher. She is _____ friendly and kind teacher. She is always on time for ______ class.
B. Change the singular sentences to plural sentences.
1. A dictionary is a book. ---- Dictionaries are books.
2. A tiger is an animal. ---- (                             )
3. A butterfly is an insect. ---- (                             )
4. A rose is a flower. ---- (                             )
5. An onion is a vegetable. ---- (                             )
6. A peacock is a bird. ---- (                             )
7. A puzzle is a game. ---- (                             )
8. A refrigerator is a home appliance. ---- (                             )
9. A car is a vehicle. ---- (                             )
10. A computer is a machine. ---- (                             )
C. Complete the sentences with is or are and one the nouns in the list.
country    language    machine    continent
sport    season    month    island    city
1. Japan and Thailand are countries.
2. Telephones and computers (                             )
3. Spanish and French (                             )
4. London and Gyungjoo (                             )
5. Europe and Asia (                             )
6. A cheetah (                             )
7. Summer and Winter (                             )
8. July and August (                             )
9. Soccer and football (                             )
10. Hawaii(                             )

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